5 octubre 2009

Carta de Wayne sobre la muerte de Ramesh:

"Dear Friends,
It is with the heaviest of hearts I write to tell you of the passing of our beloved Ramesh this morning at 9AM in his home in Bombay.
Ramesh was truly an extraordinary being. His life as a successful banker, author and spiritual teacher directly enriched the lives of tens of thousands of people.
Having met Ramesh was one of the defining moments of my life, as I am certain it was for many of you reading this note. His generous spirit, open, loving presence and spiritual Understanding combined to make him one of the truly great Sages of the 20th century. We are truly blessed to have known him...be it "in person" or through his Teaching.
Ramesh lives on. Though his body will this afternoon return to the elements, his spirit lives on in his books and in the hearts of all of us who have known him and loved him..
Twenty-two years ago Ramesh came into my life. Today his body leaves it. To have been able to walk beside him for all this time and to have been able to bow at his feet has been for me the greatest of life's blessings.I shall miss not being able to sit with Ramesh, to watch a cricket match together or to share some chocolate or to laugh at some silly joke he reads from the newspaper. It is not the greatness of the man I will miss most...his greatness remains undiminished by his death...it is the little things, the human things..
Many of you will share with me the exquisite human pain of the loss of a beloved one. If you take a moment to quietly look at it you may see in the pain the wonder of Life itself. If so, it will truly be the Grace of The Guru.
With much love,

6 comentarios:

  1. Querida Soledad.
    Cuando Wayne dice:

    "His spirit lives on in his books and in the hearts of all of us who have known him and loved him"
    Creo que recoge el sentir de todos nostros.


  2. OM
    En el antiguo Egipto, cuando un Faraón abandonaba el cuerpo, el Gran Sacerdote (un elevado Iniciado), decía solemnemente:
    "El Halcón Real ha volado de su cuerpo, para fundirse en el Sol"
    Alegrémonos de su liberación física y besemos con amor su recuerdo !

  3. Y celebremos su paso por nuestras vidas, y la belleza que nos aportó. Un abrazo.

  4. Ramesh, Gracias por haberte ido para poder quedarte en todos nosotros... Gracias